Playback Speed Change


This command changes the playback speed. If a value less than 100 is given, the file will play faster (and thus the pitch will be higher), and a value greater than 100 will play the file slower (with a lower pitch). If the speed parameter is not received, then the playback will return to normal (100%).

INFO: The playback speed will only return to 100% playback speed if the rMP3 is reset/powered-up, or if this command is sent without the speed value.

IMPORTANT: This command is experimental as it tricks the VS10xx decoder into changing the playback speed, and as such, this is not necessarily a good/efficient way to change playback speed. The audio will more than likely create pops and glitches. Use at your own discretion.


PC X [speed]


  • speed is an optional parameter between 90 and 250. Values outside these limits will produce unpredictable results.
    • This value represents the fractional speed increment for playback (percentage).
    • e.g. a value 90 will play the file in 90% of the time it takes to play normally (i.e. faster), whereas a value of 120 will play the file in 120% of the time it takes to play normally (i.e. slower).
    • A value of 0 (zero) or omitting this value will return playback speed to normal (100%).

Response Format



Change the current playback speed to 95% (i.e. faster):

PC X 95