Error Codes

Error CodeDescription
02Command buffer overrun (i.e. command too long)
03No free files
04Unknown command
05Card initialization error
06Command formatting error
07End of file (EOF)
08Card not inserted
09Card reset failure
0ACard physically write protected (check write protect switch on side of card)
E5Not a directory
E6Read only file - Can not perform command on this file
E7Not a file - command expected a directory
E8Write failure
E9Improper mode for writing (check that the file is open for writing)
EANo free space (card is full)
EBGiven file handle is not open
ECImproper mode for reading (check that the file is open for reading)
EDUnrecognized mode specified in Open command
EFGeneral FAT failure - File system is corrupted (test it on a PC)
F1File handle provided is already open
F2File in path specified does not exist
F3Error while creating directory entry
F4File already exists
F5File in path specified is not valid (check spelling, and no strange characters in path)
F6Invalid handle specified