rEDI Downloads

You will need to download and install the Arduino(tm) software, as well as the rEDI/rDuino “core” to be able to compile and upload code for the rEDI Educational Board.

Arduino Software Download

Download the latest Arduino(tm) software from here:

rEDI/rDuino “core” Download

Download the “core” here: rEDI/rDuino core

Installation Instructions

Follow the instructions from the Arduino(tm) site to install the latest Arduino(tm) software.

rEDI/rDuino Core Installation

Arduino IDE version 0018+

Unzip the core to the “hardware” folder of your sketchbook folder.

e.g. Your sketchbook folder is: C:\Arduino\sketchbook

  • make a folder named “hardware” in the sketchbook folder, if it doesn’t already exist:
    • C:\Arduino\sketchbook\hardware
  • unzip the rDuino core into the hardware folder, resulting in:
    • C:\Arduino\sketchbook\hardware\rDuino