rKey Features

Power Source1.8V to 5.5V
Supply CurrentFrom 17 μA (1.8V) to 80 μA (5.0V)
Physical Size2 in x 2 in (51 mm x 51 mm)
Logic OutputHigh on Touch/Proximity
Maximum Panel/Overlay Thicknessup to 0.4 in (10 mm) plastic
Start up time100 ms
Recalibration time100 ms
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C
RoHS CompliantYes
  • Auto-calibration on power-up for panel/overlay thickness
  • Ultra low power operation - 80 μA @ 5.0V
    • Power can be controlled by microcontroller logic pin (for forced recalibration, if needed)
  • Separate LED from detection circuit - for complex feedback
    • LED can be connected to output, for simple feedback