rMP3 Beta Firmware

Here is where you’ll find information on the new firmware releases for the rMP3 Playback Module.


What’s new

  1. added: PC Y command to retrieve spectrum analyzer output (PC Y P for peaks, PC Y S to set bands).
  2. added: IC T command to retrieve track length.
  3. added: low power mode.
    • Cuts power consumption in half, when idle
    • Expect less than 5 mA
    • RTC still runs, keeping time
    • Mode is activated with setting “Z”
      • S Z 1 - sets into low power mode.
      • The setting remains active until cleared.
  4. fixed: hang on boot (vs10xx init problem).
  5. fixed: wildcard handling in listing commands.
  6. fixed: 7 bit trigger repeats if held low.
  7. fixed: playback speed change - 250% now acceptable, playback time updated.
  8. fixed: temp settings not loaded from config file.


Rogue Code - rMP3 Beta Downloads - rMP3-100-02-b002


Use the Firmware Update Tool up update the firmware on the rMP3.


Demo of the spectrum analyzer output: