rMP3 Connectors

Arduino Connector

Arduino Connector

The default connections for the Arduino Connector are as follows:

  • Serial
    • Pin 6: Serial receive on Arduino, transmit on rMP3
    • Pin 7: Serial transmit on Arduino, receive on rMP3
  • SPI
    • Pin 8: SPI chip select (https://home.roguerobotics.com/CS - active low)
    • Pin 11: SPI MOSI (Master Output, Slave Input)
    • Pin 12: SPI MISO (Master Input, Slave Output)
    • Pin 13: SPI SCK (SPI Clock)

All of these pins have an associated jumper pad just beside the connector which you can use to reroute the signal. You will need to physically cut the jumper between the pads.

You only need to use one of the two interfaces at a time (i.e. serial vs. SPI).

INFO: The SPI interface is not available in rMP3 firmware version 100.01.

Rogue Connector 1

Rogue Connector 1

+5V5 Volt Regulated Power Supply
“D”/HBIMultipurpose “D” connection
Hardware Busy Indicator
“C”Multipurpose “C” connection
TxrMP3 Serial Transmit
RxrMP3 Serial Receive

Rogue Connector 2

Rogue Connector 2

Card DetectCard Detect Signal (active low)
ActivityActivity Signal (from Activity LED)
“A”Multipurpose “A” signal (from “A” LED)
“B”Multipurpose “B” signal (from “B” LED)
SCKSlave SPI Serial Clock
MISOSlave SPI MISO (Master Input, Slave Output
MOSISlave SPI MOSI (Master Output, Slave Input
/CSSlave SPI Chip Select (active low)

FTDI Cable Connector

FTDI Connector

-NC-No Connection
+5V5 Volt Supply from FTDI connector
- to use this supply, JP5 must be jumped
to FTDI TxSerial transmit on FTDI connector, receive on rMP3
to FTDI RxSerial receive on FTDI connector, transmit on rMP3
#DTR/#RTSDTR/RTS signal from FTDI connector (active low)

Input Connector

Input Connector

+5V5 Volt Regulated Power Supply
7Button 7
7 Bit Interface Trigger (active low)
6Button 6
Bit 6
5Button 5
Bit 5
4Button 4
Bit 4
3Button 3
Bit 3
2Button 2
Bit 2
1Button 1
Bit 1
0Button 0
Bit 0

Line-Out Connector

V5 Volt Regulated Power Supply
RRight audio output (1V p/p, 16 Ohm minimum)
LLeft audio output (1V p/p, 16 Ohm minimum)

Other Connectors


When JP5 is jumped, the FTDI connector will be used as the power supply for the board.

WARNING: JP5 must not be jumped if the FTDI connector is used at the same time as another external supply is connected.


JP6 is used when updating the firmware. The “Manual Update” mode is recommended. This will put the rMP3 into bootloader mode.


The DNU connector is used for manufacturing only.