rMP3 Electrical Characteristics

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Operating Temperature -55°C to +125°C
Storage Temperature -65°C to +150°C
Voltage on any pin -0.5V to Vcc+0.5V
Maximum Operating Voltage 6.0V

WARNING: Exceeding values beyond these absolute maximum values may cause permanent damage to the device and/or card! Operating at absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device and/or card reliability.

DC Characteristics

Parameter Min Typ Max Units
Power Supply Current        
Icc: Idle, Vcc=5V, No card   TBA TBA mA
Icc: Idle, Vcc=5V, w/card   TBA TBA1 mA
Icc: Active (R/W), Vcc=5V   TBA 25012 mA
Logic Input Low -0.5   0.2 Vcc3 V
Logic Input High 0.6 Vcc4     V
Logic Output Low @ Vcc=5V     0.7 V
Logic Output High @ Vcc=5V 4.0     V
  1. Because card active and idle current values vary widely from brand to brand, a maximum cannot be determined. Please refer to your card manufacturers specifications for read/write current consumption values.  2

  2. This is the maximum current that the on-board LDO regulator will supply. Cards that require more power than this are not supported. 

  3. “Max” means the highest value where the pin is guaranteed to be read as low. 

  4. “Min” means the lowest value where the pin is guaranteed to be read as high.