Gets or sets the playback volume. The volume values range from 0 to 254 and represent attenuation in steps of -0.5 dB. For instance, a volume value of 16 is equivalent to -8 dB gain attenuation – i.e. 16 * -0.5 = -8.

If no value is given, then the current volume is returned.

INFO: To set the default start-up volume, use Settings for non-volatile (start-up) settings.


PC V [volume [rightvolume]]


  • volume is a value between 0 and 254. If this is the only parameter given, then both left and right channels will be set to this value. Optional.
  • rightvolume is a value between 0 and 254. The right channel will be set to this value. Optional.

Response Format

NULLVolume set to volume, and rightvolume, if present
responseWhen no parameters are given, then response is the current volume setting

response is in the format lll«sp»rrr, where:

  • lll is the left volume (up to 3 digits)
  • rrr is the right volume (up to 3 digits)


To set the volume to 40 (both channels):

PC V 40

To set the left channel volume to 20 and the right channel volume to 254 (volume off):

PC V 20 254

To get the current volume setting:

20 254