List Directory


The List Directory command will list all the files in a given path. If the path is a file, then only the details for that file are given. If the path contains wildcards, then the files matching the pattern will be returned.

IMPORTANT: List Directory (L path) lists all files that match the given path without interruption. If a directory is large, this can be difficult to manage. In that case, use LS path to begin a directory listing iteration process, then use LI pattern to iterate through the listings.


L pathFull listing, no interruption
LC pathCount of all files matching path
LS pathStarts a List Directory iteration
LI patternIterates through a directory listing,
returning the next file that matches pattern.


For L path and LC path, path can also contain wildcards (“?” and “*”).

In LS path, path can not contain wildcards, and must be a directory.

pattern is required for LI pattern. To list all files, use “*” to match everything.


  • path is the absolute path to a file/directory. A properly formatted path must begin with a “/” (forward slash) and begins at the root directory. Subdirectories are separated with “/” (forward slash).
    • e.g. /logs/january/jan3.log
  • pattern - a filename pattern which can contain wildcards (“?” and “*”).

Response Format

«SP»responseSuccess - below
EnnAn error occurred

response has one of two formats based on the “L” setting.

L = 0:

«sp»D | ss..sss filename1«cr»
D | ss..sss filename2«cr»
D | ss..sss filenameN«cr»


  • D indicates a directory
  • ss..sss is the size of the file
  • filenameN is the filename or directory name

L = 1:

«sp»DRHSA yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss ss..sss filename1«cr»
DRHSA yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss ss..sss filename2«cr»
DRHSA yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss ss..sss filenameN«cr»


  • DRHSA are the attributes for the file. If the attribute is not set, the value is “-”. D indicates a directory.
  • yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss is the modification date of the file/directory.
  • filenameN is the filename or directory name


L” setting = 0:

L /
«sp»D DCIM«cr» 721886 B0000.mp3«cr» 40192 B0001.mp3«cr» 23318 B0002.mp3«cr» 46519 hidden.txt«cr»

L” setting = 1:

L /
«sp»D---- 2009/05/10 11:03:54 DCIM«cr» ----A 721886 2009/05/13 10:12:16 B0000.mp3«cr» ----A 40192 2009/05/13 10:12:16 B0001.mp3«cr» ----A 23318 2009/05/13 10:12:16 B0002.mp3«cr» --H-A 46519 2009/05/13 10:22:38 hidden.txt«cr»

Using wildcards:

«sp»----A 2008/09/23 09:18:32 2021392 IMG_2538.JPG«cr» ----A 2008/09/23 09:31:26 1662290 IMG_2542.JPG«cr» ----A 2008/09/23 09:32:02 1893947 IMG_2543.JPG«cr» ----A 2008/10/30 12:34:50 1117269 IMG_2551.JPG«cr»

File count (with wildcard):


Iteration example:

«sp»----A 2008/09/23 09:18:32 2021392 IMG_2538.JPG«cr»
«sp»----A 2008/09/23 09:31:26 1662290 IMG_2542.JPG«cr»
«sp»----A 2008/09/23 09:32:02 1893947 IMG_2543.JPG«cr»
«sp»----A 2008/10/30 12:34:50 1117269 IMG_2551.JPG«cr»