Read Line


The Read Line command is very similar to the Read command, except that data is returned up to the next EOL terminator. The “E” setting determines the type of EOL terminator that is checked. The EOL terminator is not returned, only the data up to the EOL.


RL fh [num [addr]]


  • fh is a file handle (1 - 4). Use the Free Handle command to get a free file handle.
  • num is the number of bytes to read. Optional. If not specified, up to 512 bytes will be returned.
  • addr is the address at which to start reading. Optional. num must be given for this parameter to be used.

Response Format

«sp»responseSuccessful (see below)
EnnAn error occurred

response is preceded by a «sp», indicating a good read. The length of response is variable, and depends on the num parameter, the position of the file handle, the size of the file, and the location of the next EOL. Refer to the “E” setting.


File handle position = 0, file size = 38 bytes. This response differs from what is returned by the Read command:

RL 1
«sp»13:22:02 ADC1=4.9V
RL 1
«sp»13:22:32 ADC1=4.9V
RL 1

Same file, read only 18 bytes (starting at address 0):

RL 1 18 0
«sp»13:22:02 ADC1=4.9V