Set Attributes


Change the attributes of a file.

In the FAT file system, there are 4 attributes which can be set:

  • A = Archive
  • H = Hidden
  • R = Read Only
  • S = System

NOTE: You can not combine adding and removing of attributes in a single command. i.e. you must only add or only remove attributes per command.


A +|- attribute path


  • attribute is one or more of “R”, “H”, “S”, or “A”.
  • path is the absolute path to a file/directory. A properly formatted path must begin with a “/” (forward slash) and begins at the root directory. Subdirectories are separated with “/” (forward slash).
    • e.g. /logs/january/jan3.log

Response Format

EnnAn error occurred


To set “read-only” attribute for a file:

A +R /filename.txt

To remove “hidden” and “system” attributes for a file:

A -HS /filename.txt